Better Schools Project

The Better Schools Project focuses on providing access to quality education in order to increase the enrollment and retention rate of students, especially girls and children with disabilities. We provide donations of school supplies to students in need as a way of subsidizing education related costs. We also provide small stipends to cover transportation costs.  To ensure students learn in safe environments, we provide small grants to schools. These funds are used to renovate school infrastructures (i.e. painting the school, renovating classrooms, building libraries), buy classroom furniture (i.e. desks, chairs) and teaching materials.

We also carry out outreach to communities and schools to discuss the importance of education and children’s safety in school. We engage community members, school administrators and other stakeholders in conversations about children’s right and the importance of gender sensitivity in teaching. We also use these platforms to discuss issues facing children such as female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), forced and early marriage, child labor, and domestic violence.



  • Implementing Countries

    The Republic of Guinea

  • Key Metrics:


    girls at the Ecole Primaire de Tombo II received school supplies and stipends since 2008 to ensure they remain in school



    Students benefited from our classroom renovation efforts at the Ecole Primaire de Abdoulaye N'diaye


  • Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Program

    We promote the economic independence of ultra-poor individuals, specifically women and children.


  • School Grant Program

    We promote the education of poor and ultra-poor children by working with parents, students and teachers.


  • Life Improvement Program

    We promote health and sanitation in the poorest communities by mobilizing local resources.