Life Improvement Program

The Life Improvement Program promotes health and sanitation in the poorest communities. We work directly with poor and ultra-poor communities to identify their health and sanitation needs. Some of our activities include building and renovating water access points (i.e. building water wells), building latrines, and identifying safe ways of managing waste. We also encourage open and safe conversations around issues of women and girls safety such as domestic violence, female genital cutting (FGM/C) and early marriage.

Community members are engaged in discussions about safe hygiene and sanitation practices and the importance of healthy habits. In addition, we distribute “There Is No Limit Care Packages” to individuals in need. These packages contain basic hygiene products such as soaps, feminine products and deodorants.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Improved access to clean water, healthcare and sanitation in poor and ultra poor communities
  • Increased safety and security of community members specifically women and girls
  • Increased knowledge of health, wellness and hygiene practices in poor communities with a special focus on women and girls



  • Implementing Countries

    The Republic of Guinea

  • Key Metrics:


    newborn mothers received clothes for their newborns



    students accessed water through our newly built water site at Tombo Primary School


  • Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Program

    We promote the economic independence of ultra-poor individuals, specifically women and children.


  • School Grant Program

    We promote the education of poor and ultra-poor children by working with parents, students and teachers.