Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Program

The Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Program promotes the economic independence of ultra-poor individuals, specifically women. We work directly with entrepreneurs, artisans and smallholder farmers to sustainably grow their businesses. Our participants are provided with skills training and business funding. To leverage assets and resources participants are organized into associations working together to improve their livelihoods and communities.

These associations also serve as a platform for peer-to-peer learning where participants share their skills and knowledge with one another. We also connect our associations with international partners as a means for increasing participants’ income. Ultimately, our participants become empowered to invest in themselves, their families and communities.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Increased dignified and sustainable livelihood activities
  • Increased economic safety among poor and ultra-poor households through fair and effective access to credit and savings
  • Increased resilience of individuals and households through the reduction of vulnerability to life shocks (i.e. financial, health, climate)
  • Increased rights for poor and ultra-poor entrepreneurs, artisans and smallholder farmers




  • Implementing Countries

    Republic of Guinea

  • Key Metrics:


    women artisans have established their associations and have received group funding



    stores worldwide have sold products made by women artisans in the Association of Women Tie-Dyers Project


  • School Grant Program

    We promote the education of poor and ultra-poor children by working with parents, students and teachers.


  • Life Improvement Program

    We promote health and sanitation in the poorest communities by mobilizing local resources.