School Grant Program

The School Grant Program promotes the education of poor and ultra-poor children mainly girls and those with disabilities. We work directly with parents and school administrators to identify the conditions and tools children need to attend and remain in school. Some of our activities include renovating schools, providing school supplies and fees to children in need, reaching out to the community about the importance of education and leveraging stakeholders interests to ensure actions that benefit children (specially girls and those with disabilities).

Desired Outcomes:

  • Decreased number of children who are illiterate/out of school
  • Increased partnership and coordination between stakeholders to ensure quality education
  • Increased number of children who are learning in safe environments (free from harassment, violence, etc.)
  • Increased admission and retention of students who are girls/children with disabilities



  • Implementing Countries

    Republic of Guinea

  • Key Metrics:


    girls have received school supplies and small funds to continue their education



    students have benefitted from our school renovation activities


  • Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Program

    We promote the economic independence of ultra-poor individuals, specifically women and children.


  • Life Improvement Program

    We promote health and sanitation in the poorest communities by mobilizing local resources.