There Is No Limit Foundation Launches US Program

04.15.2022 Patricia Mars

This week, There Is No Limit Foundation launched its US Program, Roots Of The Future, with an in-person event with high school juniors and seniors in The Bronx focused on financing their college journey, life after college and careers.

The Roots Of The Future Program will focus on immigrants and refugees, especially those of African descent, to be connected to their communities through information about and guided access to services and resources to improve their socio-economic situations and realize new opportunities.

Expert speakers Mr. John DeSalva, President, Georgetown Financial Group, Mr. Santos Ruiz, Business Development Manager, Ponce Bank, Ms. Jennifer Robinson, Financial Aid Advisor, Bronx Community College and Ms. Gabriella Delacruz, Entrepreneur and Student had an interactive discussion with students that was moderated by our Director of Programs and Evaluation, Molly McGrath.

Below are some highlights from the event.

Stay tuned to see how you can get involved as we start to workin the U.S.