Meet Our Team – Molly McGrath

02.01.2022 Patricia Mars

Get to know our Director of Programs and Evaluation.

Tell us about yourself?

I believe that we achieve freedom through truth and fear hardly anything when we live in truth. I love comedy, writing poetry, dancing, working out and enjoy being around like-minded people. I was Miss Nebraska 2006 and won the swimsuit award at Miss America 2007.

How did you learn about There Is No Limit Foundation?

I came to the Foundation because of my love for my friends and now sisters and because of my desire to contribute to something greater than myself.  Aissata and I met working at Grameen America and have had a soul connection ever since.  We have kept in touch for years and she has given me the pleasure and honor of being able to contribute to the Foundation’s amazing work.

Why do you believe in the mission/vision/programs of There Is No Limit Foundation?

The work is real, practical and not the superficial fluff that you can be easily caught up in. The work is truly by the community for the community, including the staff and founders; it is about empowering the marginalized, discriminated against, and the forgotten. I believe in the organization’s culture of trust, transparency, respect, accountability, and integrity. The programs are direct and impactful in meeting the needs of the communities.  This is meaningful to me as it is about the whole person: economic independence, education and health.

What do you hope to bring to this work?

I hope to take us through the “implementation gap” by using my skills to take our work from plans to reality. As a logistics guru, I want to reach our potential as an organization in terms of expansion, scalability, and sustainability. I am a skilled Influencer and Equalizer with the ability to move people to action. I excel at getting people past roadblocks, bringing order to chaos, and keeping things moving forward, and I want to use my skill set to be of real value to the Foundation.

What is your dream for the people being served by There Is No Limit Foundation?

My dream for the people served by There Is No Limit Foundation is that they have more choices, more access, reaching their and self-determination; a life determined not by circumstance or gender or limiting laws or discriminatory practices, but by self. My passion for the human right to self-determination motivates me to help others who are having this right taken away from them. I have been fortunate to exercise this right so profoundly, and that is why I have been able to create a life I am excited to live and have hope for the future.  It is hard for me to fathom how this can be purposefully taken away from another human being by another human being. We all deserve security and dignity as our foundation from which to grow into our full potential and to be able to share our best with others.

Quick Snapshot of Molly

My favorite quote is “Remember, as long as you live, that nothing but strict truth can carry you through the world, with either your conscience or your honor unwounded” by Lord Chesterfield.

My favorite music is Motown and anything that inspires me or makes me want to dance.

My favorite movie is Elf.

The next places I want to visit are Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and India.

The biggest challenges I overcame are addiction and the death of my sister.

My dream is to enjoy life and reach my fullest potential.

I have no limit because I am true to myself.

Stay tuned for more from Molly!