Happy Day of the Girl!

10.11.2017 Aissata M.B. Camara

Happy Day of the Girl! Girls are critical to society and their empowerment must start early. During my trip to Guinea, I had the opportunity to interact with many girls. We spoke about their goals, visions, and fears. We laughed and we cried about life experiences. Most all, we affirmed the fact that girls must take their place in society and stop the harmful practice of FGM.

These girls from Kindia spoke to me about their experiences with FGM. They told me how scared they were but also how brave they became in order to keep going with life. They told me that they would not cut their daughters. On this day, I honor them and all girls who are not afraid to break the silence and live life to the fullest!

Join me now in empowering girls in the communities we serve!