Meet the Staff

  • Mariama Mounir Camara-Petrolawicz

    Co-Founder, President

    Mariama has experience in non-profit, fashion, cosmetology, and public relations. She is passionate about helping  people and ensuring hidden voices are heard.  She enjoys traveling and meditating. Read Mariama’s story here.

  • Aissata Mounir Belgrade Camara

    Co-Founder, Executive Vice President

    Aissata has experience in international development, policy, and fundraising. She advocates against harmful practices such as FGM/C that affect women and girls. She enjoys writing and visiting museums. Read Aissata’s story here.


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    Mafoudia Bangoura

    Vice President, Guinea

    Mafoudia has over 30 years of experience in nonprofit, public administration and security contracting. A native of Guinea and respected member of the community, she manages country programs and field staff. She is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs. She is also a great cook.


  • Patricia Mars

    Associate, Programs and Partnerships

    Patricia is originally from Guyana, South America. She is the happy face and voice that greets volunteers who come through our doors. Patricia also works to identify partners that share There Is No Limit Foundation’s values. She wants to give the gift of education to children all over the world. She loves music and movies.


  • Anastasia Kurokhtina

    Photographer and Videographer

    Anastasia is passionate about photography and videography. She has traveled numerous times to Guinea to document the work we do at There Is No Limit Foundation. While in Guinea, Anastasia has the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture and traditions of the people we serve.

  • Pierre Mapoba Dikembe

    Associate, Programs and Partnerships

    Pierre is passionate about empowering ultra-poor communities. A former intern at There Is No Limit Foundation, Pierre has a lot of experience in program implementation and evaluation. He likes to travel on his free time.